Forms Builder Plugin

Built a site using the Roots theme…client loves it, etc, etc. However, they want to add some registration forms and such for conferences without having to come back to me every time, so they’ve asked about a good forms builder plugin that plays well. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Gravity Forms is probably the most popular and people have been using it with Roots forever.

I love Formidable Pro!
They also have a free version so you can try it out before purchasing the full version.

I find that it works great with any theme, especially Roots.
One thing that made my life easier is their new Bootstrap Add-on that automatically adds bootstrap classes to the form elements making Roots integration a breeze!

One major advantage over Gravity Forms is that the price includes Lifetime Updates. They do have cheaper support packages should you need support after the first 12 months but I haven’t needed it yet. I should mention that the support is also impecible and that they have addressed all my bug reports even after my support expired.