Found an Xdebug Ansible Role installer. Wondering how it might work with Bedrock

I’m aware of, but at the same time, I’m still used to using Xdebug for my projects. I’m new to Ansible, so I’ve had to piece together how things are provisioned, as with a normal Vagrant site I could just add to to install Xdebug. With Ansible, from what I understand, apps are added to the playbook as ‘roles’. After trying to figure out how to manually add Xdebug as a role, I found this-

It looks like that could possibly do the job, but I’m not sure how I would install it to work with Bedrocks layout. It seems like the variables listed there would also solve the problem of only allowing it to work on the development server, so I’m hoping this is a good solution if I can get it to work.

How would you go about installing this, or is there an easier way to install Xdebug that I’m not aware of? Any and all help is appreciated.


Using Galaxy roles is a good idea in general. All you should need to do is include the role in site.yml:

- { role: MaximeThoonsen.php5-xdebug }

And override any variables you need from that role. You can just define them in group_vars/development.