Foundation 6 and Sage 9

Hi, really liking Bedrock and Sage setup and workflow - getting to grips with Blade pretty quickly. A lot of thought and time has obviously gone into its development.

I wanted to use Sage for my next project, but it also requires that I use Foundation. I know Sage is really geared towards using Bootstrap but it does offer some foundation integration when installing and setting up.

However, although I’ve spent a fair amount of time trying so far, I just can’t get Foundation run or build correctly within Sage. After I fix one build error (usually by updating ignore files), there always seems to be another… can’t get variables working satisfactorily, or changing the foundation config to only include certain modules/components instead of ‘everything’, is isn’t quite working as expected either.

Unfortunately I’m thinking of moving away from Sage as it’s requiring too much hacking and poking around to get foundation to work smoothly.

Has anyone else had much success with Sage 9 and Foundation 6? Could you share your setup please? I’d really like to be able progress down this route but it’s proving too time consuming.

I’ve scoured this forum and digested the few
Foundation based posts there are but still struggling…

Hey @Stef,

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with Foundation. I’m not a Foundation expert, but happy to help troubleshoot any concrete problems you may be having if you can provide specifics.

For me, yarn build runs without errors on a stock Sage 9 install where I picked it as the framework during setup. I was also able customize the color palette variable successfully as a simple test. So, at least at a very basic level Foundation can be used–hopefully we can figure out the problems you’re seeing.

PS - as a point of clarification, I wouldn’t say that Sage is really geared towards Bootstrap; it’s really set up so that folks can bring their own preferred tools and libraries (or none).