Fresh installation errors

Hello everone,

I am fairly new to roots and bedrock so please let me know when I need to provide more detail. Although this may not be a specific roots/bedrock issue, I was wondering why on a fresh install I am unable to see the default install.php page, and instead see code.

I know that this can occur with any wp fresh install, I just can’t seem to recreate my issue each time I do this. Following the bedrock installation details (which are a little too vague for my knowledge), I’ve run the composer install, chenged my .env variables, gone into php myadmin and created the same named credentials, set up a virtual host (which seems to work since I can visit my site… but only see files), and attempted to reach /wp/wp-admin, but I only see code within any of the files. Therefore I haven’t run the install yet.

I believe that this should be a quick fix, but I am stuck. Is there a way I can error check to see what is wrong?

Thank you very much

You can see the php code when you load the page in the browser?

Definitely not a roots issue. Probably an issue with how you set up the virtual host.