Full width page

…in simple words? Can you help?

If you read through the Roots Sidebar tutorial you’ll be able to disable the sidebar and show a full-width template on whatever posts or pages you like.

You could also use the dashboard to set pages to use the custom-template.php included in the theme, but understanding how the sidebar class works is probably better in the long run.

Thank you for your superfast reply. I’ll do my best (though I’m not a dev).

One thing to ask: If i use your guide and the “custom-template” page will i have a browser full width page?

The guide I posted tells you how to alter the markup of a page to display the sidebar or not. I wasn’t sure if you wanted that, or whether you wanted to know how to alter the CSS to get a full width page. It turns out you wanted the latter.

This is really a Bootstrap 3 question, because it’s not Roots specific. For Bootstrap questions you’ll usually be best off trying on a Bootstrap group or Stack Overflow first.

The answer, in this case, is actually really simple. You just need to set the max width of the .container class, or on only the containers you need full width to: max-width: 100%!important.

Thanks for your answer. Found this http://www.helloerik.com/bootstrap-3-grid-introduction#fluid and i will try it.