Fullscreen responsive image slider on Roots Theme

I’ve tried implementing sliders (the requirement is to be fullscreen upon any kind of size, the content is pushed down) but so I can’t make it to work.

I don’t mind donating or paying for anyone to help me implement this http://nicinabox.com/superslides/#1 inside roots.

I’ve tried backstretch, wooslider but I’m stuck with my limited knowledge. The files involved were;

and content file to include the markup.

Could it be I missed something that it didn’t work? Any hint or guide is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

you can append the following I use for single backstretch img:

You can add additional $bgimg’s and just change them by one letter and so forth. Then call them out in script below.

Also in your case you wont be useing the feature image page unless you’re doing this for seperate pages.

so you’ll just use:

$bgimg = get_template_directory_uri().’/assets/img/example.jpg’;

If that doesn’t make sense let me know.