Geerlingguy.daemonize mailhog version error on provision

After upgrade to Big Sur and porvision from scratch, i get this error (in all trellis projects).

- mailhog (2.2.0) was installed successfully
 [WARNING]: - dependency geerlingguy.daemonize from role mailhog differs from
already installed version (1.2.2), skipping

    default: Running ansible-playbook...
to see the full traceback, use -vvv
ERROR! Unexpected Exception, this is probably a bug: invalid syntax (, line 96)

Have you done this? What is the output?

Yes, it is exactly the same. It doesn’t change in verbose mode.

Hm, from what I understand from the warning is that the ansible project itself requires a different version of geerlingguy.daemonize than the mailhog role (which itself is also required by the ansible project).

However, the actual error points to an incorrect Python version:

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Yes! This is my guess too. I’m using Python 3.9.5. What version is the correct one?

Found a discussion here about basically exactly the same issue as yours (with solution):

Just reinstall python seems fix it. Thank you!

My guess now is that I installed ansible with pip instead pip3

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