Getting Started with Bedrock

I’m having trouble understanding exactly how to get started with Bedrock… more specifically how to create a git repo from a Bedrock project.

First off, is Bedrock supposed to be the project root? Or should it be a subfolder within a project root (e.g. project/bedrock).

If I go the first route (i.e root), creating a new repo from the bedrock project, it includes all of Bedrock’s past commits and I imagine any future commits. Is this how it’s supposed to work / would this not break it at some point?

If I go the second route (i.e subfolder), Bedrock is not found in my git repo for some reason, and therefore can’t get saved to the repo.

Any help understanding how this should work would be appreciated.


Have you seen the example roots project on GitHub? It also uses Trellis to provision development/staging/production environments but is a working example of how to use Trellis, Bedrock and Sage together.

If however you only wanted to use Bedrock then I would recommend having Bedrock as the project root but deleting the .git file inside of it and creating your own repository. If you wanted to update in the future it’s as simple as downloading an up-to-date copy and overwriting the files you have saved in your repo.

Hey, thanks for the reply man.
I did look into trellis, but it has no use for this specific client project (shared hosting).

Deleting the git file was the answer though! I didn’t realize it was that simple.

Thanks man.

Trellis is still extremely beneficial as a local development environment, just saying :blush:

Haha yeah I could see that, and I definitely plan on using it with my next Wordpress project.

I already have Laravel’s Homestead set up though and since I couldn’t get the production benefits of Trellis this time around, I figured I’d just stick with what was already there.

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