Git ignored ReduxCore files within web/wp folder

Hi all,

I was having an issue on my development server with one wp plugin, which depends on ReduxCore. The plugin didn’t work normally and I was seeing in the browser console errors related to 2 files, one .js and one.css file, that couldn’t be find found in the path the browser was looking. I’ve cloned the ReduxCore from GitHub and copied the customizer folder into this folder:

The errors disappeared, but apparently this is not the best solution. The folder is affected from the default trellis .gitignore, in the web/wp line.

Could someone suggest a better solution?

If something you need is being ignored by .gitignore then modify your gitignore rules to track that thing.

Exclude individual patterns using ! in your .gitignore:

# Application

# WordPress

# Logs

# Dotenv

# Composer


# Redux core plugin extra files

Thanks both!

I tried with the exclamation mark, like this:


but it didn’t work. I’ll try again with your suggestions.

I think now the better approach is to change the path in the plugin itself, although I still don’t know how to do it exactly and have to take care that it doesn’t vanish by every update.

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