GIT init all project file or just theme folder?


I recently inherited a site that has been developed using Sage.

I’m fairly new to WP dev and have never used Sage before and I’m just wondering what the recommendation is in terms of setting up GIT with a Sage project.

Should I track the whole WP core or just the theme folder?

I should add that the repo will never be hosted on a public repo.


That depends on how you like to work, and what the project is like.

If you are working on only the theme (Sage) then there’s probably no need to track anything other than that. If you’re going to be building a site that has plugins, etc, then you might want to track the whole projects: otherwise plugin dependcies won’t “exist” in your project.

Bedrock offers a good approach to this (and if using Bedrock, you’d track the whole thing). This is also se good reading:

Thanks for the reply, I will have a look at the links.

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