Git pull on trellis

So is it cool to do a

git pull

on the trellis repo to keep myself up to date?

if not? is there a shell script or something I can use to copy out all my needed config things before I do the
pull and put them back after?

I was hoping my git repo would act as everything but my database image, but it appears that’s not the workflow?

(I’m having fits trying to bring back up my dev server after some weeks running production and desiring to add some plugins.)

Pull, merge, fix any conflicts.

Preferably keep a separate branch in your repo that mirrors the Trellis master branch then merge from your Trellis mirror branch to your working config. This way your not pulling and merging directly to your working branch.

Maybe there is a better way but it’s always been solid for me.

Thanks! Very helpful idea.

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In case this is helpful to other readers, I typically don’t customize Trellis very heavily, so my update process is often as easy as backing up /group_vars, /hosts, and /deploy_hooks, cloning Trellis fresh from GitHub, and copying relevant settings into the new clone.

It’s worked for me so far!

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