Git submodules deploy

I have a local web-site with two git submodules , i deploy my web-site on server and web-site uploads but not two submodules. how can i uploads the git submodules?

Unfortunately Trellis uses the git archive command to populate a new release directory and it does not support submodules.

You’d probably have to define a custom hook in deploy_prepare_after which did some extra manual work to copy over submodules. I assume you might need to delete/clear the release directory Trellis makes then do a normal recursive git clone.

See for more details on customizing hooks.

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Thank you, i decide to delete and recreate the directory with https git clone, do you know if submodules will be able to use on trellis?

Not exactly sure what you’re asking. Trellis can’t deploy any git repo that contains git submodules.