Glyphicons not appearing

checked the bootstrap documentation and for icons and entered the following code.

I am using bootstrap 3 and I have entered the following code for gylphicons

<div class="col-sm-4">
        <i class="icon-cog icon-large" >  </i>
        <h2>Our Solutions</h2>

but no icon appears.

do I have to enable something?
ironically it appears here so im a bit puzzled …

Please try to ask Roots specific questions here and not basic Bootstrap Questions.

I didn’t know if was something to do with the theme, and it being enabled somewhere. this is the first time using roots, so apologies if there is a crossover,
i know the code works I was using, it just doesnt seem to be working in my theme, hence I asked here.

but thanks for the link, - that works :slight_smile: