Grunt installation hiccup

Hey everyone,
I’m very excited to learn how to use Grunt and reap the benefits of Less and version control. Before this, I’ve been developing on live websites and have set up a local server with MAMP, going through your Grunt screeencast with no problems. Until I was instructed to “run” grunt. When I did, this was returned:
-bash: grunt: command not found
So, I naturally (i think?) tried to install it again with npm install -g grunt-cli and a bunch of errors were returned to me. Hope I didn’t mess up the clean environment I have going.

Anyway, I really appreciate everything about Roots Ben, and have been really liking the screencast - very clear and at a good pace. This is just holding me up right now. Any ideas as to it’s source?


Run just npm install in the theme directory?

If you’re running npm install -g grunt-cli (-g means global) you probably need to run it with sudo:

sudo npm install -g grunt-cli

The errors you were seeing probably were permission issues which sudo will fix.

VIOLA! Roots community is the best. Thanks so much Chris and Swalk