Gulp error with Dreamweaver

I’m using Dreamweaver (might be the only one ^^) and gulp print error when I change images in the template
trow er; //Unhandled stream error in pipe.

Error: EPREM: operation not permitted, open 'mytemplatefolder\dist\images_notes\dwsync.xml’
at Error (native)`

I’m trying to ignore that folder without success.


Yeah… don’t use Dreamweaver :wink: I think this is because DW has some wacky lock file that it’s thrown into your assets folder, and it won’t go away until you shut down DW, and Gulp is getting confused over it. Maybe DW will let you store the lock file someplace else.

This sometimes happens when gulp or NPM runs out of memory or trips over for some unknown reason. I’d also give the cache a cleanout for good measure.

npm cache clean && rm -rf /node_modules && npm install

(the rm -rf command may not be necessary, I just do it out of habit…)

I respond a little bit late but I haven’t received the notification :confused:
I’m used to work with Dreamweaver, but it add some “_notes/dwsync.xml” to synchronize with the server.
I was just wondering if it was possible to ignore this folders in the gulpfile.js files. I don’t often work with gulp and npm and this “sort of things” (console things).
It seems it could be possible but I failed to modify the script :frowning: