Gulp integration

Hi, i have explored Gulp and i think its better than grunt

Whats the main benefit is speed (for example compiling too many less files costs in grunt 3s, but in gulp 10ms top) and its not “configuration” like tool but “code” like tool, therefore code is less magic, shorter and clearer.

It is possible to have it? I can help rewrite grunt command to gulp and there can stay both, for all users for free choice. What do you think?


I would be interested in a Gulp version.

I will also be interested. Some people, including Web Design Fundamentals / Web Starter Kit by Google, are recommended Gulp as a better / easier option…

Just to let you know we are provisionally looking into this and will happily check out any fork with Gulp up and running with Roots 7.0.0

And Gulp is more readable too !

There’s an open issue to switch from Grunt to Gulp. I’m not sure if that means they’ve decided for sure, but it does seem likely it’s coming.

Ben confirmed via twitter roots is switching to Gulp