Gulp is not working correctly


I’m trying to clone one of the project that I’m working with, from bitbucket. After I cloned, I did npm install, bower install, it worked just fine. But when I run gulp, it does nothing!

[13:25:51] Using gulpfile /var/www/
[13:25:51] Starting 'clean'...
[13:25:51] Finished 'clean' after 2.53 ms
[13:25:51] Starting 'default'...
[13:25:51] Starting 'build'...
[13:25:51] Starting 'wiredep'...
[13:25:52] Finished 'default' after 55 ms
[13:25:52] Finished 'wiredep' after 76 ms
[13:25:52] Starting 'styles'...

It stays like this and not even returning an error!

Am I missing something here?

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