Gulp takes very long time before it even starts

When I type gulp into the command line (OS X), it takes a good 80 seconds before any further output happens.

I even made a lighter version of the gulp task, which just does scripts and styles, called gulp dev but that has the same very long pause before starting.

Is this a known issue? I haven’t made any other customisations to Sage.


Are you using virtual machines (such as Vagrant or Trellis)?

No, I’m just running it locally on my Mac.

From your theme root run:

npm install --save-dev time-require

Then require it from the top of your gulpfile:

var timeRequire = require('time-require');

That will give you a breakdown of where the time is being lost and should point you in the right direction.

I’m also assuming you’ve updated all the dependencies, removed and reinstalled etc.

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