Gulp watch forwarding to live domain

I’m setting up a new dev site and when I run the gulp watch command, it opens to localhost:3000, but immediately forwards to the live URL of the last site I built. I did a fresh install of sage, updated node, bower, gulp and checked the manifest.json file, no luck. If anyone can point me in the right direction on what file(s) I should be looking into for the issue, that would help me out a lot.

Have you checked your hosts file, to see if there’s a line in there that’s messing with your setup? Maybe you have localhost set up to forward to some URL.

What environment / setup are you using to run gulp? And what does the “config” setting in manifest.json say?

The hosts file looks fine, nothing showing a forward of any kind. I figured out that localhost:3000 works fine in Firefox, but Chrome forwards to the live URL of one specific site, regardless of which local site I run gulp watch for.

The config setting in manifest.json is showing the proper .dev URL.