Gulp watch: main css file without release

Albeit gulp watch is used, a main css file with release string/name is used instead just plain main.css. What config could be missing?

Run gulp before you watch so that it clears out the production files

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I ran run gulp (just the command) before gulp watch but subsequent gulp watch triggered builds won’t result in changed css. I would have to run gulp each time I changed something, which would defeat the purpose of watching.

Why would you have to do that? You would only need to do that if you ran a production build after you ran the watch session

Thank you for your answers!

There are still some issues :confused:

  • gulp --production ran because the site was deployed to production (trellis hook)
  • Since then the main CSS has a versioned name.
  • Gulp watch finds changes and updates the styles accordingly, but the browser doesn’t pick the changes up, still using the versioned main CSS file.
  • Even when the main CSS file is removed, theme expects this file.
  • Just running gulp updates the main CSS file but the theme still expects the versioned CSS file.

Where/how does the theme know that a versioned main CSS file should be used? How can I reset this to development state?

Thanks in advance!

So I was able to fix it by changing the path in **dist/**assets.json (there was a version postfix in the asset file names).