Gulp won't process less

I’am searching for some other framework then bootstrap, my first choice was semantic-ui and after a bit struggle I’ve dropped it and tried couple else. Result was that any framework based on less won’t compile to main.css, with or without overrides in bower.json.

I’ve succesfully managed to install and use foundation (sass), pure (css) or groundowork (sass) but if something is based on less gulp just ignore it.

In gulpfile.js there is gulp-less. I even tried to rebuild it.

The gulpfile is totally setup to process .less right now, it just doesn’t do it by default.

Are you trying to write your theme’s code in less as well, or you just want to pull in a repo written in Less?

I just want to use bower_components written in Less. Semantic-ui to be more specific.

Semantic UI is already Less so that’ll compile fine.

You’ll need to rename anything in the Sage assets/styles/ folder from .scss to .less and then you will be okay as far as your own styles go. You can reverse some of the steps from this:

I think what they were saying is that they want to keep their styles in .scss but use Semantic UI, which should still be possible, might just be a little tricky. Is that correct @l_dudzic?

I wouldn’t suggest using a different pre-processor from your main CSS framework. Why would you keep all your variables in a different pre-processor? How would you use any of the mixins or functions from the CSS framework in your own styles?

I think the idea of being able to compile LESS and SASS together is if you get a Bower package that is using a different pre-processor you can still use it rather than copying CSS to your own files. But the Sage gulp file does not magically convert SASS to be useable with LESS, or vice versa.

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