Gulp zip task

I’ve added a “zip” task to my gulpfile, which automatically packages the sage theme into an installable zip file. Would this be of any interest in the main repo? If so, I’ll submit a pr.

Nice. I would be interested personally but I don’t know that it’s a fit for Sage.

I don’t see why not. Any theme that gets uploaded to a distribution service (, private paid theme store, etc.) needs to be done in zip form. Unless there’s a process somewhere else in the pipeline that I’m not aware of, I’d think it makes sense here.

I just mean I can’t speak to the relevance of it for the project as a whole, will leave that to Ben and the crew. I don’t believe there’s an existing process though.

Not something we’d be looking to add to the main repo, but please share on here!

Here’s the commit that adds the relevant plugins to package.json and the task to gulpfile.js.

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Will check that out thanks for sharing.
Didn’t know this until listening to the roots radio 5 podcast today, but there is a composer archive command, which is in the project by default if you’re using bedrock. For zipping just the theme the gulp route looks to be a little easier (exclude vs include), but for zipping a whole project I’d go composer: