Gutenberg script: React support

The sage theme should inject a script for configuring Gutenberg to wrap a block with an extra DIV (which the theme needs for styling and resolving z-index related issues) (code derived from tutorial from


 * Wrap table block in div.
 * @param {object} element
 * @param {object} blockType
 * @param {object} attributes
 * @return The element.
function modifyGetSaveContentExtraProps( element, blockType, attributes  ) {
	// Check if that is not a atomic-blocks/ab-container block.
	if ( !== 'atomic-blocks/ab-container') {
		return element;

	// Return the block with div wrapper.
	return (
		<div className='wrapper'>

For this, a new script file is added to resources/assets/scripts/ and further referenced in resources/assets/config.json. However, building results in an error:`

24:3  error  Parsing error: Unexpected token <

The HTML markup for React is misinterprted.
How can I add support for this to Eslint/JavaScript build options of the sage theme?

Hey @strarsis - you just need to tell eslint to support JSX and React. See: