GZIP Compression on Sage 9 w/ WP Rocket

I’ve got a site built on Sage 9. I’m using trellis locally, but not for deployment, although I am running yarn run build:production before deploying.

GZIP is enabled on the server, and I have WP Rocket installed so GZIP should be automatic.

When I put the site homepage in this GZIP Compression Checker it says GZIP is enabled, but when I run my production main.css file through the tool it comes back negative.

I suspect that the non-standard WP install is causing WP Rocket to get confused about what to compress and I don’t see anywhere in the dashboard to point it in the right direction.

Is anybody else using WP Rocket in their Sage 9 themes and has GZIP compression working? Can anyone advise me on steps to take to ensure GZIP compression is occurring on everything in my /dist folder?

Sage does not cause WordPress to have a non-standard install.

Bedrock uses a less common install profile (WordPress in a sub directory) but that’s still standard and endorsed by WordPress.

If your plugin is having difficulty with Sage or Bedrock I would contact the plugin developer for assistance.


Yeah, sorry. That’s what I meant.

Thanks for the reply. I’ll reach out to WP Rocket and see if they have any insight. Again, thanks.