HGV Mercury Compatability (WPEngine)

You may or may not know but WPEngine have released their Mercury vagrant to the public.

I checked it out and it boasts some serious debugging, and some well marketed info about how fast their wp-optimized servers are:

For those more vagrant-savvy than I (I used it for the first time today!), is it possible to add what bedrock has in terms of deployability (capistrano) and plugin maintenance (composer) to a vagrant box without too much hair-pulling?

Also, their wordpress install is structured differently, its more ‘vanilla wordpress’, with themes in ‘wp-content’. Is this something I would have trouble with when attempting to deploy in the same manner bedrock-capistrano does it?

One more question, regarding deployment, would me researching the new ‘vagrant push’ be going in the right direction to setting up my own mercury-optimized server?

Yes I am way in over my head but with some guidance in the right direction I think I can make it happen, then I can teach my peers how to do the same.

So far I host my clients’ WP sites on a self-managed Linode server, which I set up with Apache with mod_pagespeed and Nginx. Its a good setup, but I want to push what I already know!

Sorry for the long-winded question, and thank you for your time!