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Hiring Sage 9 expert for contract position - fully remote

Hi Sage 9 devs, I’m looking to build out a new WP site on Sage 9. We have a few sites in Sage 9 and absolutely love it. I’m a dev who benefited from this community greatly when building my first sage site so I have lots of appreciation for sage devs.

We’re looking for someone who can allocate the next 5-8 weeks to building a new microsite in Sage. Quality and speed is of outmost importance so we’re willing to pay competitively for the candidate with a wealth of experience. You would be the lead on the project. If all goes well, we have a few very large projects for Sage 9 in addition to this site. I’m happy to provide project details over a call/email.

Please ping me if you’re interested.



PM Sent.


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