Homepage works, can't get to other pages

I used YeoPress to install WP locally as a sub-module, then installed the Roots theme. I ran npm install and when I go to my site, the home page works fine, but if I go to any other page I get a 404. I looked through the docs and couldn’t find anything about this issue. I tried flushing permalinks as well. Any ideas as to why I might be getting these 404s?

Edit: thought it may have been something to do with YeoPress so I did a clean “normal” WP install and I still can only access the home page after activating roots. :frowning:

I know you mentioned that you flushed your permalinks, but did you try the default option (i.e. no pretty permalinks just ?p=123).

If it works with that then you have issues with your .htaccess or local server config.

Classic question. It’s most likely the .htaccess file. Reverting to the default permalinks should help you target the issue.

This reminds me… I wish there was a FAQ category with locked Q&A’s for common questions like this. @Foxaii what do you think?

It could be a mix of WP and Roots Q’s.

The Roots 101 will eventually grow to include most of the Roots FAQs, with the posts expanding on the elements within Roots that have a steeper learning curve (e.g. the wrapper).

For a more general FAQ, I would like it to explain the issues that are commonly mistaken as Roots issues, when in fact the issue is with WordPress/server configuration/third party code etc.

For those reasons, I don’t think a Roots FAQ thread is needed here, but we probably do need a sticky directing people to the 101 just in case they come here first.

I’ll see what Ben, Scott and Chris think too; it wouldn’t be the first or last time I’m the odd one out.

Yep, it was something with my server configuration. Reverting back to default permalinks fixed the issue while I figure out what exactly was causing it. Thanks for the tip.

I have been having the same issue. Do we have a link to where this is documented at all? Thank you in advance.

I have the same issue. The problem is that my case it is not related to wordpress, but more a Ubuntu issue. The only thing that worked was to set the file permission to 777, which is not a good idea at all. What is your environment? I hope to get some time and dig through the issue this weekend…

Turns out it was a problem with my mod_rewrite. If you change the permalinks to normal (like yourwebsite.com/?p=123 ) and it works then that’s what the problem is. What fixed it for me is changing ‘AllowOverride none’ to ‘AllowOverride all’ in my apache config. ONLY do this for your WP document root, not /. Hope that helps