Host settings for pre-post domain

I’m trying to deploy a site that doesn’t have a domain yet (its hosted in azure) but I will redirect a domain that’s on another site to after I get it working well in prod.

Do I put both the current Azure dns name and the domain name I want to use in wordpress_sites/site_hosts as an array? What do I specify for the env/site_home and env/site_url?

Or am I thinking this is doing more than it is, and I need to redeploy when I assign the new domain and just use the existing one for now?


I haven’t used azure so I’m not certain I know what your various domains look like. But I think that yes, just use the current azure info for now. Then when you have your new domain,

  • take a copy of your db and do a search/replace for old/new domain info
  • replace the domain info in your wordpress_sites
  • provision new server with Trellis server.yml
  • deploy with Trellis deploy.yml
  • import db

Maybe you could run a test case now, or when you get closer.

Anyone feel free to point out what I missed.

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