'Hotjar' tab being injected with Sage theme

A couple of my sites have a ‘Hotjar’ tab being injected once you scroll down the homepage a little.

Problem is, I’ve never used Hotjar or installed a plugin of this nature. When I switch back to default 2017 wp theme, it’s gone.

Only seems to be showing up when sage theme is active.

Did you develop the theme or did you inherit it? HotJar can insert a couple of different “tabs” depending on what you ask it to do, but you (or someone) must have included the HotJar tracking code in the Sage theme for any of them to appear.

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Thanks @MWDelaney - I developed the theme. I realised that it was in fact Google Tag manager injecting the code. had forgotten i’d added it :man_facepalming:t3:
Appreciate the assistance.

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