How Awesome is the Sauce of Roots

Roots is a gold star in the world of WordPress. If you are a developer of WordPress and you are now looking at Roots you are not too far off from being a happy developer.

I hope you pin this one. I am a noob to Roots and WordPress for all intensive purposes (I use it for a blog, if you want to call it that.) I recently had to do a project for a customer who will not give up on WP, so here I go looking for some good architecture to use with WP, so the site does not look like WP. I like Bootstrap, so off I went on my Google journey. 2 hours later, I have grunt up and working on my Windows machine, Roots cloned on my machine and WP installed. A day later I have a rough shell with 2 new widgets and some custom colors.

You guys killed it here and I want to hear how the rest of the noobs felt about getting this up and running.

You can kill this if you think it is useless, but I just could not contain my excitement.


Yup, the contributors to Roots do fine work :smiley:

I’ve been using it for coming up on a year now, before Grunt and LESS were incorporated. Both are big helps, and with Bootstrap 3 integrated now, it’s getting even better. At least now the option is there to comment out sections of CSS you don’t want to use from Bootstrap, before you’d have to go to the Bootstrap site, customize it there, and download it and replace the CSS yourself.

Glad you’re enjoying it taives

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