How can I have a page with no footer and menu (landing page), I mean how can I load a different base.php for a template-custom.php?

Hi guys I really need some tips about create a custom page with no header and no footer, I could probably hide them with css but I’d like to have a simple page template with basically another wrapper then base.php.

I read already a lot of post around but I really didn’t understand how to accomplish that with a new base-*.php file.

How can I have my teplate-custom.php to been loaded in base-custom.php instead of base.php.

I was thinking as well how to have another loop of post page different from the blog one.

It’s really difficult for me to understand this theme even if it’s really powerful and interesting to dig into it.

Thanks guys

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If you are using template-custom.php then you can use base-template-custom.php to change the base file. There’s also a whole load more in the Roots Wrapper post on the site.


Thanks Foxaii, it was really simple at the end, it’s two days that I’m trying to accomplish that with no luck.

And it was just a matter of name, I had an “s” more in the base file like base-template-landings.php instead of landing.

Anyway thank you very much!

If I wanna make a custom loop of post then how can I do? to have a new WP_Query?
I mean to use another index.php?

If you’re looking for a secondary loop then there are a few examples in the WordPress Codex, and loads elsewhere on the 'net.

If you’re looking to customise a loop then duplicate index.php and rename it according to the WordPress Template Hierarchy.

The new template will then take precedence over the default loop, so you can add in any changes you like e.g. category-slug.php would create a new archive for posts in the slug category.

Thank you very much. Even this was easier than I thought.
Thanks again I didn’t understand that was just a matter of changing the file name.
Really smart!