How do I uninstall node/grunt?

I installed grunt on my server in the theme directory. Because of so many problems I’m having I just want to delete the entire theme and re-upload it using a different name. Every time I try to do this via FTP, the theme folder stays and so does the grunt files.

How do I uninstall this?

Thank you

UPDATE: Problem resolved, was a permission error.

Why can you not delete the theme folder via FTP? can you verify it says it is deleted?

Even with node and grunt installed, if you delete the theme folder, it should be gone. So it seems like there is a permission issue or some other issue.

FileZilla goes through and deleted every single file. What’s left is only the theme directory with a “node_modules” folder inside of it, along with all of the files within that. Even after they are deleted, it seems like they’re being re-created automatically. Incredibly annoying. Deleted the actual theme folder does nothing – it just recreates it.

UPDATE: You’re right – was a permission error. Thank you!