How do you actually deploy the Sage theme to a Wordpress site?!

This part is confusing to me. BOTH your theme and “Sage starter theme” are selectable? That tells me there are two copies of Sage in your themes directory. Sage won’t have a separate “starter theme” entry the way a parent theme/child theme would.

When the theme “breaks” can you review Appearance/Themes and confirm that the currently active theme doesn’t reference the resources directory at all?

Either way, simply copying and pasting (and rerunning yarn and yarn build shouldn’t cause the theme to break; I do this all the time; so something is wrong either with the config, or with your theme customizations.

Alright, I’ve started with a fresh install because of your comment, and it seems like I must’ve gotten mixed up between the github docs (which are about v9) and the roots site docs (which are about 8) and broke everything along the way.

And now it’s working! So thanks so much to @MWDelaney and @alwaysblank for the help, this was all down to user error; you guys are great for helping me out.

heya - @jascination did you resolved this? Anyway you could quickly outline how to deploy to server? In Sage 8.5 or earlier i used a gulp deploy that uses rsync. But i can’t see anything that resembles that in Sage 9. Thanks in advance.

@ben thanks read that a few times. If there was to be a function ran locally what folders / files would need to be sent to the server?

resources/, dist/, app/ ?

Any more?

See (which is now up to date with Sage 9… it wasn’t when this thread was originally posted)

Locking as this is a 9 month old thread…

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