How do you display all post in taxonomy-slug.blade.php

So far If I do the_title(); and the_excerpt() it shows only one post. How would you loop through all the post in here.


  <h1 class="advcolor text-center mt-5">@php single_cat_title(); @endphp</h1>
<div class="container">
  <h1 class="advcolor">@php the_title(); @endphp</h1>
 <p> @php the_excerpt(); @endphp</p>

This seems like a general WordPress question, not something specific to the Roots stack. You need to have those things inside The Loop.

Yeah i know its more of a WordPress question but what confuses me is how to do actually program the Loop on Laravel since I am not very used to it. Like how would a typical loop look in Laravel I guess.

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