How do you start (git) your Roots Project? Update it?

I’ve been using roots for at least 2 years now for almost every custom WordPress every theme I make. It’s amazing, we all know that, that’s why we’re here.

With the addition to Grunt and Vagrant to my workflow, I couldn’t be happier. EXCEPT for when I work on a project that’s 8 months old and the client’s finally ready to finish it up. Then I feel bad about using an outdated version of roots, and I don’t want to have to rebuild it. We also know that you shouldn’t be using roots as a child theme.

I started using Git for my WordPress projects about a year ago, but up until recently I’ve just been downloading the zip version of Roots and gitting my projects with Roots as my “init commit”.

I’m wondering with using the Git version of the Roots repo, there’s an easier way to “update” a Roots theme? Clone it and then fork it? Then what do you do about merge conflicts?

I don’t know a crazy amount about Git so bear with me there… Thanks!

Really? Nobody? COME ON HERE!

You should checkout the ours/theirs flags and cherry-picking commits.

Will do. Thanks!

Do you do this for your own project or do you just roll with the version of roots you started with?

If there are features I really want (sourcemaps, for example) then I’ll add them. I’ll cherry-pick the bug fixes too.

For the most part, I tend not to make changes for the sake of it.

Ah, ok.

This is something I want to look into helping with in the future. Maybe when I’ve got some free time to sink into Roots development I’ll try and come up with a good way to better manage “updates.”