How is built?

Hey, I’m really curious how this site specific is actually built and if the software is open source? It’s one of the best forum systems I’ve seen… super slick!

– Jeremie

It’s basically stock

And yes, it’s amazing!

You can also see it in action at

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There are other forum platforms that use this same sort of design/flow. Two that come to mind are NodeBB and Phosphorum.

Phosphorum is built on Phalcon, which is a PHP framework written in C and installed as a PHP extension. It’s quite performant in that regard.

NodeBB is not nearly as mature as Discourse. I remember the other Roots guys saying they took a look at it and didn’t like it. I have it installed on one of my servers and I haven’t had any issues with it yet, but I don’t really do much with it.

Are you guys using the Discourse Wordpress plugin, or the stand alone product? I was looking for a forum that could be setup in WordPress, and I was about to setup and bbPress even though many don’t like it. I really like staying in the WordPress platform, but open to something else. I’d need to be able to run it on my Linode, I don’t want to mess with Digital Ocean.

EDIT: Never mind, I see the instructions on Git on how to setup a new instance. Great… Git. My favorite. I’ve gotta learn this stuff!

We haven’t integrated Discourse into the site yet. It’s just the DISQUS comments which are separate.