How is this so fast?


I would like to know what’s behind this roots website that is making it so super fast?

I would definitely want to know that.

Thank you. :slight_smile:



Is it just that? Cause I am using DO server too. I want to host two of them on one. So can my sites be this fast too?

The only non-default thing we do for performance is enable micro-caching:

And amazing nginx and php configs, and the swap file :wink:

Digital Ocean says it’s bad, should I ignore them ? (My non trellis website crashes all the time.)

Can you guys guide me in short if I wanna setup from scratch a DO server for multiple wordpress websites only, how should I be going about the same thing?

Where do they say it’s “bad”? Are you sure they aren’t just suggesting you upgrade your box one or two levels so you have enough RAM without a swap file? However unless you’re running something like an 8gb+ box, I would still think swap would be good to have. Actually even then it depends on what you’re doing with the box… swap isn’t used at all until that time that you run out of RAM, so I have no idea why it would be bad, unless your box was constantly hitting it.

Digital Ocean offers a lot of tutorials on their site. There’s plenty of tutorials already written on people’s blogs too.

Just curious though, why not use Trellis? Trellis also isn’t using anything special, you could practically go through each role in Trellis and copy what it is doing to your own box. However, again, not sure why you wouldn’t just use the tool to automate that process if you did that…

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Hello Johnson,

I’m very glad that you assisted me with the thing. I actually want to use trellis, bedrock and other tools too. But I have a huge confusion actually. I directly wanna integrate everything directly on the droplet and not have any local settings. I’ve been spending so much time trying to do that but was not able to.

I would be really glad if you could help me through it? Maybe I can send you my ssh details if you could set? If that’s not possible, its completely cool, please could you help me through?


I’m not sure why you would want to do this, or what you mean exactly. The point of having Trellis in your project is so you can reproduce the same server every time, so you’re not reliant on one single Digital Ocean box that you’ve set up exactly. Your project becomes much more portable and easier to reproduce.

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Cause the loading speed and everything seems so fast from in here. Isn’t the speed being so fast in loading caching and everything because of trellis and other tools?

on the page where they say it damages their disks so please spend more money with us on bigger droplets instead:


Dave Kiss has an excellent tutorial that really helped me figure out Trellis. It’s been simplified over the past few months. Also just going step by step through the Trellis Docs should be enough to get you going for sure.


I used Dave Kiss’ guide to get my head around all this Roots stuff … pity it was outdated when I read it and kinda led me down the garden path in a few areas. Glad to see it’s updated now.

Is the OP talking about this forum being fast, isn’t that a totally different question?

Not sure. Yes it would be different since this is a Discourse forum.

I could confirm this as a non coder :slight_smile: