How is your production environment set up & managed?


Currently I’m developing my first website in combination with bedrock + trellis.
I have my local development environment and I set up a staging environment with a DO-droplet. At first I thought about spinning up a new DO-droplet which will act as the production environment. However, I want to let a hosting company do the maintenance of the server(s), so I can focus more on the development of the Wordpress sites.

I wonder how other forum members have tackled this issue.
For example, did you just buy a VPS at some hoster, configure it with trellis and then buy an SLA to let the hoster manage it further? Or maybe let the hoster configure all the tools and also manage it?

I’m curious about the options.

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Pretty much. We work with a managed WP host (Pressidium) who take care of the environment completely (and when there’s so many moving parts: network, hardware, software config, patching, security etc etc it’s worth passing these responsibilities to someone who knows what they’re doing, but also it frees up your time) - but they’ve taken a look at the Trellis docs for me, and are preparing the environment so we have the correct permissions and tools (bower, gulp etc) to support the workflow.

To support this level of customisation, we are on an Enterprise package which gives us complete segregation from the rest of their network - but depending on your budget and how you anticipate growth in this area of your business, it is worth considering - it’s been worth every penny for us.


Thank you for your reply. So if I understand correctly, your hoster took a look at Trellis and then set up the VPS so you could run the command ( ansible-playbook -i hosts/staging server.yml --ask-become-pass for example) to configure the server by trellis’ playbooks? Or did the hoster configure it themselves?

Also, how are updates for Wordpress sites managed. When you use composer, someone has to do a composer update. Is that something your hosting company will do also, or is that something you do on your own? I can imagine that for a lot of sites, this is a lot of work to do.

I’m currently busy with some hosting companies, to see if we can come up with a good solution with my workflow. And I’m really curious how other people have set up their production environment.

@doug , could you please provide an answer if you have time.