How to deal with client that doesn't know how to use Trellis/Bedrock/Sage?

I am using Trellis/Bedrock/Sage for all the WordPress projects in my agency, and I am in love with the roots environment.
From time to time a client decides to leave us and wants to take control of their website, but without knowing anything about Trellis/Bedrock/Sage, they are stacked.
I am pretty sure the same thing happened to others, so I am wondering how you dealt with this situation?

  1. what are the steps to migrate from Trellis/Bedrock/Sage to a different/simple/common wordpress scenario?

  2. what did you say to your client when they “accused you” that this is not a WordPress website and it is too complex and they can’t work with it?

it would be good if you could share your similar stories and how you dealt with this.


I have limited experience with Trellis so I can’t offer suggestions for that, but there are a few threads here about migrating from a bedrock structure to a standard wordpress install. Here’s one place to start:

This manual method may be one of the simplest methods:

What does your client want to work on? The theme or do they only want to manage plugins and wordpress updates?

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I often run into this problem when clients move away from agencies I’ve worked with. I’ve written a GitHub Workflow (which calls an action) which essentially performs the manual steps the comment @csorrentino linked. It might need some tweaks for your setup, but maybe it would help!


Number one. Having it written in the job quote AND your general terms and conditions. Describe what tools you use and why you use it over a simple installatron WP install. The client signs the job quote, knowing the deeds.

you can describe something like, we use a open source products from Roots. It renders a wordpress website, like you are used to. Only that for us is more efficient, flexible (and maybe cheaper) to roll out fantastic website for you, etc. Please know that this website only runs on this and that.

idk, a quick suggestion.

I usually just tell them they’re making a big mistake and explain why and they say, “ok, nevermind” and stay. Otherwise, I explain the process of switching and the costs associated and they say the same thing.

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