How to improve the loading of the functions.php file

Hello, I have had this doubt for some time, if every time you visit the web, this file loads all its content, including this section:

 * Sage required files
 * The mapped array determines the code library included in your theme.
 * Add or remove files to the array as needed. Supports child theme overrides.
 array_map(function ($file) use ($sage_error) {
     $file = "../app/{$file}.php";
     if (!locate_template($file, true, true)) {
         $sage_error(sprintf(__('Error locating <code>%s</code> for inclusion.', 'arcux'), $file), 'File not found');
  }, []);

In the project that I am carrying here, all the views of the administrator side, a migration system for databases, drivers, etc. are attached.

I am not sure the load of all this affects the performance of the site and if so, some recommendations to improve it, thanks.

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