How to install bedrock inside Vagrant? Urgent!

I configure my system with Vagrant its working fine. But after installing the bedrock and passing the wordpress theme in that,I don’t know how to make it work ? Any guide line will be really really helpfull for me !

I would start by stating what part is not working.

My vagrant is working fine. Now i want to install vagrant into that …What I have to do exactly for this.?

Why bedrock is coming like this ?

You need to follow the readme, including the parts on installation.

Rename the bedrock folder to your site name and change the vhost document root to the web folder:

This path change , I need to do in my local file or vagrant files?

Set your site vhost document root to /path/to/site/web/ (/path/to/site/current/web/ if using deploys)
Access WP admin at

You need to change it on the vagrant machine and potentially the local files too, depending on how you are provisioning your Vagrant machine (which you haven’t mentioned).

Why not follow our example project instead of trying to do the heavy lifting yourself. That way we might be able to provide some support.

Speaking of support, please refrain from posting “urgent” or the like in the subject. Sage, Bedrock and Trellis are all developed and supported in our free time, on a volunteer basis. If it’s urgent, consider hiring the Roots team and we’ll schedule you in when we can.


epending on how you are provisioning your Vagrant machine (which you haven’t mentioned) ? Which information you required for this ?
Please tell me clear than only i can tell u clear… and env which database i need to configure local or vagrant ?

What guide or framework did you use to install Vagrant? …Now my vagrant is working fine but don’t know how to configure bedrock database in that.I shoudl set the path in vagrant vm machine or in local http_vhost.conf file. But this is my locals so y i need to change this ?

File structure where I install my vagrant and bedrock

This is the current status? how to solve this ?

You need to add the correct credentials to your .env file in the Bedrock root or set up mysql credentials and a database if you haven’t done so already.