How to pull/merge updates from Trellis remote (master) in case of major changes?

I have read several threads in here but none seems to provide a real solution to the problem on how to create a reliable workflow that not only covers pushing the repo to the “own” remote but also resolves the question on how to integrate the trellis remote master as “subtree” / “subrepo” (or whatever it is called).

  1. I wonder if someone already tried subrepo and if that brought any improvements?
  2. Is there any more detailed documentation/tutorial maybe even visual flowchart explaining what actually is the right way in such scenarios?

Just for curiosity sake. Is there a particular reason to not keep everything in its own repo? Seems way cleaner to me that way and if you wanted them both in the same folder it only take 2 commands, possibly 3 if you need to create the folder.

The subtree method as detailed here works for me.

Fast-forward 287 days … is this still the best method for updating Trellis? I feel like keeping Trellis is something I’m still not comfortable/knowledgable with.