How to Reinstall/Can't log into production WP site

Im able to get my Vagrant site up and deployed to my production server, but I can’t login to my WP dashboard. I’ve changed my password in my group_vars/production/vault.yml file but reprovisioning isn’t helping. What is the best way to do a fresh install of my site?

The login for WP admin doesn’t use the credentials from any of the group_vars files; if it’s a fresh install, the username/password should be admin admin.

You can also ssh into the server and use wp to change the password/create a new user/etc.

Hope that helps!


Thank you sir, that really helped!

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Thank you @runofthemill because I could not log into my local site either.

But then, what are these credentials used for ?

The credentials in the group_vars files are for remote connections, e.g. ssh or connecting to the database remotely.

Here’s a few pages in the Trellis docs that might be worth reading through to explain better:

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Thank you @runofthemill, I’ve already read all the documentation several times, but maybe I need to do it again. There are always details that escape me. I thought admin_user and admin_password were used to create the wordpress admin user.

Nope. They’re used to create an admin-level server user. The default Trellis WordPress username and password are:
Username: admin
Password: admin

This is true for local and remote so it’s vitally important to update the credentials of the remote user.


Thank you @MWDelaney. Perfectly clarified.