How to run ACF-Composer on Sage10

Hi, I installed acf-composer in a sage 10 theme. Installation was successful, but now I have no idea how to run the created fields in my theme. Anyone can help?

If you have WP CLI, check the readme for commands such as wp acorn acf:field Example.
If not, create a Fields directory inside the theme’s app directory, then for the field itself create a new file inside this Fields directory called Example.php for example with the below php (more examples in the readme)


namespace App\Fields;

use Log1x\AcfComposer\Field;
use StoutLogic\AcfBuilder\FieldsBuilder;

class Example extends Field
     * The field group.
     * @return array
    public function fields()
        $example = new FieldsBuilder('example');

            ->setLocation('post_type', '==', 'post');


        return $example->build();

I install acf-composer via composer require log1x / acf-composer and manually create config / acf.php. Then I run the command wp acorn acf: Option. This command creates an Option.php file in app / Option. Unfortunately, I cannot see the options page in the WordPress admin. Should I do anything else in the configuration files setup.php or 'helpers.php`?

Do you have Advanced Custom Fields Pro installed and activated?

Yes, of course. Acf 5.9.5

can you share the generated option.php file?

Installation should be straightforward. I asked about ACF installation because it happened to me a couple of times that I forgot to activate the theme or was using a different theme.

$ wp acorn acf:options Example


If you can share more info I’ll be happy to help.

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