How to use Sub Item in menu with Gromf fork of Sage

I’m wondering how to set up Sub Items in the menu with the Gromf fork of Sage (which uses Foundation instead of Bootstrap). GitHub - schikulski/Gromf: WordPress theme based on the Sage(former Roots) starter theme, using Foundation & Gulp.

You can see how the sub item is already expanded in the image below.

Any idea how to configure this to function the way one would expect?

Could you post screen with bigger part of menu? I can’t see what’s happening there.

Yesterday I’ve managed to make working nav with foundation. So if I could know more I could help you.

I just wanted foundation top bar’s dropdown functionality. I figured out that I needed a nav walker. I used this one: GitHub - wlcdesigns/foundation: Foundation 5 Menu Walker for WordPress. Popped it into init.php and problem solved! Thanks anyway :smile:

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