How to use the js-dom-router library?

I’m using Sage 10 and I read that the old way of JS separation by page was gone and it was separated on a library (js-dom-router).

But on Github, I can’t find any way on how to use it. I import it, but it doesn’t work with the methods ‘init’ and ‘finalize’. What methods should I use with this library for the specific page scripts to works?

Is there any explanation or example somewhere?

Would the test specs of that router help?

Nope. I had a look at it, but I don’t understand what to put on app.js and what on home.js, common.js for example.

Those home.js, common.js, etc. files are ES modules that export methods/objects/variables and can be imported from inside the main script file (app.js).
The new router implementation is much more loosely coupled, you can decide yourself how to wire the components up.

Maybe also related:

Yes, I saw that too but it didn’t help me.

I could always get the util file from the Sage 9 but I wanted to use the js-dom-router.

I hope the developers put a usage example here or more importantly on the GitHub readme.

Thanks for your help though @strarsis!


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