HTML5 Boilerplate .htaccess

Hi Guys,

Using Bedrock, loving it, you lot rule!

One question - is it recommended to use the HTML5 Boilerplate .htaccess Wordpress Plugin?

I’m still using Apache because I’m like totally uncool.

I tried installing it but it doesn’t seem to work. Is it me?

There’s not really a recommendation. Just up to you.

First thing to check is if the rules are actually added to your .htaccess file.

I’ve checked, and the rules are not there. I’ve got the standard wordpress rewrites in there, plus some other adaptive image stuff.

I tried removing my .htaccess file completely before installing the plugin but that didn’t work either.

Could you please try disabling the other .htaccess altering plugins and see if that makes any difference.

I see that Roots recommends W3 Total Cache but also provides this .htaccess file (which as of this writing needs to be updated to match the H5Bp version 2.6.0).

Is there a reason to use both together? If so, is there a write up about this somewhere? Using both together will cause major headaches (this happened to me the last few weeks when I didn’t realize the .htaccess was updated with everything). I’m thinking that it’s either one or the other plugin and not both, right?

Sorry I forgot to reply to this thread,

For the record I got this working but decided not to use it any more as I’m moving to Nginx.

You could make both work. There’s probably only a few incompatibilities.

For the record, we no longer recommend W3TC and should remove that mention of it.

If Roots doesn’t recommend W3TC anymore, the .htaccess plugin needs to be updated to reflect this. It seems that expires headers and Etags were removed from the plugin b/c it’s recommended to use W3TC for this. At least this is what appears in the comments at the top of the htaccess file in the repository.

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