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Http://localhost:3000 SOOOO slow - several minutes to load

Project Background:

Running multisite using Local by Flywheel - sites config setting
‘yarn run build’ = success -
‘yarn run start’ = semi-success -


When I run ‘yarn run start’ > localhost:3000 opens and takes easily 3-5 minutes to actually load all website assets. When I make a change to SCSS file(s) and save > changes on the page that is loaded take affect quickly. However; if I need to go to another page I have to wait another 3-5 minutes for everything to load.

Can anyone help me make this NOT take FOREVER?

Not sure how this is a Sage issue if your compile times aren’t taking that long? Seems like something with Flywheel?

Thats entirely possible, just wanted to bounce it by y’all first since I actually can get a freaking response from the awesome community. My bad…

I will update this post if Flywheel ever helps in case others have this issue.