Https 'Mixed Content' error with Bower dependency

I’m running a trellis-bedrock-sage Wordpress site equipped with a ssl certificate and https connections and I’m experiencing a console error for a Google font call made from a Bootstrap file.

The errors go away when I correct the font calls from inside the Bootstrap file but I’m looking for a more sustainable solution.

Do you have any ideas?

What’s the Bootstrap file? That fix needs to be done in the source of the file. There’s no other solution. If you’re running a proper HTTPS site then all the content you load has to be HTTPS as well.

As @swalkinshaw notes, if the problem is with the dependency, it probably needs to be fixed upstream. What’s the package name?

@swalkinshaw the bootstrap file is in the dist(or assets)/styles/main.css injected from sage/bower_components/bootstrap-sass/assets/stylesheets/bootstrap/_normalize.scss .
I manage to have solved the error.
The problem was with a google font import statement in one of the assets/layouts files that was importing the same font with a wordpress style call (// … instead of
Changing this import statement url to did the trick.

Btw I think I came a probable issue about the presence of non-relative url calls.
Do you think I need to open an issue in the dependency (bootstrap) project?