I want to change a roots/bedrock installation back to Wordpress

I’m migrating websites from 1 host to another, and the 2nd host doesn’t accept bedrock installations.

Now I want to change the roots/bedrock installation and make it a Wordpress installation. What I did:

  • Created new Wordpress installation
  • Moved all the Bedrock app/ content to wp-content (themes, plugins, mu-plugins, uploads and more)
  • Gave it the old database and changed the wp_options to the new .test link
  • Edited wp-config.php to have the correct local settings.

It ran locally, but after importing the old database and made wp-config.php have the correct information. It returned me an 502 Bad Gateway error.

I’m pretty familiar with Wordpress and tried disabling the plugins, removing the mu-plugins, checked my nginx logs (which were empty), used a script to find usages of the old URL in the database and swap it with the local one.

I figure that it’s a database issue, maybe something with pathing.

So if anyone has a clue or ran in to the same issues whilst porting back to regular WP from a bedrock installation, please let me know how you did it, or what I did wrong.

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I figured it out this can be closed.

Hi @Jessetje30, if you could share any tips you learnt. It may help others in future.

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Hey Jordan,

I will post a link to the article which describes how to do this. This article was pretty hard to find, that’s the reason I’ve made a post.

To start off it is useful to install wp-cli on your device/project.
After that you follow this tutorial: https://neonbrand.com/websites/wordpress/how-to-convert-vanilla-wp-site-to-bedrock/#h-how-to-convert-bedrock-to-vanilla-wordpress

In this article they also offer a bash script, but I don’t think this script will work for every bedrock installation.



Here’s the quickest way, for reference:


True! Although the same manual way is pretty good described in this article imo. I did the same steps in the first place as you describe but they gave me issues along the way. It’s nice to see a tutorial and follow it step by step.

Sadly we had to move away from Bedrock since our new hosting party didn’t accept a Bedrock installation.

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